Biography: Nick A Demos July 29, 1950 Atlanta, Georgia: Nick took his first art class at age 4 from the Atlanta Artists Center then located in the Hattie High House on the land that High Museum would later be built. Nick attended Georgia State University where he met Joseph Perrin head of the Art Department. where Nick studied. Nick earned a Bachelors degree from Georgia State University and a Masters degree from the University of Georgia. Nick lived in California for several years and began doing found object art. When Nick returned to Georgia, he reconnected with Professor Emeritus Joseph Perrin from Georgia State University. Nick was mentored by Joseph Perrin in his private studio from 1990 to 2002.  This is where Nick developed Neo-symbolism into paintings Most people think of Symbols as things or movements: the new symbols or Neo-symbolism as I have defined it are words. The world was spoken into existence from nothing by speaking the word. The published definition of Neo-symbolism in September of 2004 is " Words juxtaposed to words and letters within those words". This creates a powerful statement greater than just the meaning conveyed by the original words. Woven into our language are clues to this revealed knowledge and wisdom. Art most often has been associated with Painting, where in the word Paint is the word screaming at one in clear sight is the word PAIN. The belief that pain is at or pain propels the artist into self examination and the examination of their world and presentation and to understand the pain and heal the wound. The Fluidity and Power of Words is almost incomprehensible until you begin examining the words you use in clear sight all the time, in your language and advertising and even in the names people have and the careers and directions their life takes.Art happens and text in art, especially looking at neo-symbolism's defines presentation as a way of understanding the role words play in our life and shaping of direction, that it becomes art, so that your perception of the world and words in your world changes. This is Art, where you see words elevated to a new level so that your perception of the world has been permanently altered. Neo-symbolism began as a hand made book of 50 word pictures.


See.Me  2015 presented my photo digitally in the Animal Collection July 13, 2015 at the Louvre Museum. Page 63 See the whole book

​See.Me the portfolio of Nick A Demos photo in the Animal Collection presented at the Louvre Museum July 13, 2015

The One Man Exhibition at The James H Ankron Gallery
 Feb 4 to Feb 28 2014

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2012 Self Http://

2012 One Life an International Photography Show

2012 ART Takes MIAMI

Selected for the finals of the Cartizini Biennial Award 2011

2011 September 21 to Oct 8 2009 The Art Show Grand Rapids, Michigan.

2009 September 23 to Oct 8 2009 The Art show Grand Rapids, Michigan.

2009 June Celebration of Life Art Show

2008 June Celebration of Life Art Show

2008 Art Installation at Emory University Hospital, Lung Cancer Survivor 

2007 "The Genesis of Neosymbolism" Published in the Art magazine July 15, 2007 distribution premier at ScopeBasel, Switzerland: July ScopeHamptons, October ScopeLondon.

2006 Recycled Art Project, Oct 30 to Nov 15, Emory University

2006 January ,Art Work Tribute to the late Benjamin Apfelbaum. last show he curated.

2005 Recycled Art Project, Nov 7 to Nov 18, Emory University

2004 Slotin Folk Fest Festival August 20-22 Solo Exhibit

2002 Grant from Dekalb Council for the Arts to produce and teach the techniques of Neosymbolism in Art.

2002 Winner in the International God Show: Davis California

1992 Brenau Gala Art show, Judge Leo Castelli, March 20 to April 30 Brenau College: Gainsville, Georgia

1989 One Man Show at the CNN Center Oct 27 to Nov 30 One CNN Center: Atlanta,GA 30348

1989 Coastal Exchange II Jubilee Show, June 1 to June 30,Anderson Gallery & Franklin Gallery: Richmond, Virginia. Virginia Beach Center Aug.1 to Aug 30 Virginia Beach, Virginia

Gifts of enhanced giclees to: Mayor Bloomberg of New York,Pope John Paul II,Queen Elizabeth, Patriarch Bartholomew,Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, President George W. Bush,Reverend Billy Graham, President & Mrs. Carter donated an enhanced giclee limited edition series of seven to the live auction for the Carter Center Feburary 9 2008.

​       The Museum of Neo-Symbolic Art
​    Nick A Demos Icon of new art works
Neo-symbolic Sculpture "I MET TIME I MET ME" NICK A Demos 10'X12X6' " Neo-symbolic Words, Aluminum Gears, Truck Doors, Bumpers, Artists Paint Acrylic 200 yr light fast in direct sunlight"
Ann Temkin chief curator MOMA " When you see brand new work, chances are if it is really significant it will be uncomfortable , to someone like myself, because I am so immersed in what paintings up until now look like. And with, many art professionals have skepticism about what he is doing because the paintings don't necessarily fit their idea of what a museum painting is. And yet, of course that is exactly what is necessary to create the art of the future. Ann Temkin chief curator MOMA Museum of Modern Art.
"So Be the Greatest Artist" making Neo-Symbolism which is words juxtaposed to words and the letters within words to reveal powerful insights in language and design of words as art.
 Nick Nick A Demos Iconic Artist

           1988 - 2007